2020'Proud Bald Eagle' High-Relief $25 Fine Silver 1oz. Coin(RCM 178713)(18985)

2020'Proud Bald Eagle' High-Relief $25 Fine Silver 1oz. Coin(RCM 178713)(18985)

2020'Proud Bald Eagle' High-Relief $25 Fine Silver 1oz. Coin(RCM 178713)(18985)

A masterpiece you will be proud to own. This exceptional coin has been crafted with an astounding 6mm of extraordinarily high relief to showcase unique texture and shape of this proud portrait. Every intricate detail is carved with the uncompromising artistry of the world's finest sculptures, coupled with a glassy smooth background that highlights the eagle's commanding profile to breathtaking effecta must-have! Add this important numismatic, proof finish, EHR pure silver coin to your collection today!

AN EHR COIN WITH A PROOF FINISH: This coin marks an important numismatic milestone for collectors, and delivers a flawless, mirror-like background to showcase the coin's extraordinary high relief to breathtaking effecta masterpiece anyone will be proud to own. VISUALLY STUNNING 5.95mm RELIEF: Nature enthusiasts and coin collectors alike will be captivated by this coin's extraordinary high relief.

It delivers remarkable depth and detail to portray the unique shape and texture of wet feathers with exceptional realism. A MASTERPIECE OF ENGINEERING AND ENGRAVING: This coin's extraordinary relief was achieved through countless hours of intense collaboration between the engineering and engraving teams to meet the technical demands of striking an astounding 6mm while preserving an intricate design. A PROUD PORTRAIT OF CANADA'S LARGEST RAPTOR: Anyone will be proud to own this EHR coin and its compelling tribute to one of Canada's most awe-inspiring wilderness residents, the bald eagle. On your coin's reverse, Canadian artist Neil Hamelin has created a commanding ¾ portrait of a bald eagle looking across the coin's field towards the right, its piercing gaze and hooked beak signature features of this regal raptor. The eagle's feathers have a ruffled appearance with a greatly accentuated shape and texture that are portrayed with uncompromising depth and detail in the coin's extraordinary high relief.

The coin is struck with a proof finish that provides an impeccable mirror-like shine across the background to accentuate the depth and visual impact of the engraving and extraordinary high relief. And on the obverse, the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The bald eagle is the only eagle in the world that is found exclusively in North America.

It lives throughout Canada, but is often associated with British Columbia's temperate coastline where tall trees provide the perfect habitat and ice-free water provides a year-round supply of food. Bald eagles have an estimated 7,000 feathers arranged in several layers and can be rotated to increase/decrease their insulating effect to protect against heat, cold, snow and rain.

Studies suggest the bald eagle can see up to 7 times farther than humans, and its brain compensates for light refracting through the water that makes it look like a fish, its favourite food, is in a different location. Its'angry' expression is created by the shape of its skull that shades its eyes from the sun.

It even has a transparent inner eyelid for added protection, and bristles on its beak to keep dust at bay. Everything about the bald eagle is designed for hunting in flight.

Eagle bones are hollow and lightweight, only 5-6% of their body weight compared to 12-15% for humans. The bald eagle's wings are shaped to soar with minimal flapping, and it can flex and spread its flight feathers like fingers to get more lift.

Composition 99.99% pure silver. Artist Neil Hamelin (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse).

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2020'Proud Bald Eagle' High-Relief $25 Fine Silver 1oz. Coin(RCM 178713)(18985)